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Daliao Land Office ,Land Administration Bureau,Kaohsiung City Government

Brief history

Land administration businesses in Fengshan City , Dashu Township , DaliaoTownship , and Linyuan Township of Kaohsiung County were originally centralized under the Fengshan Land Office. Locating at the traffic hub of the Kaohsiung-Pingtung area, and with Fengshan City being the administration center of the County, and Daliao and Linyuan Townships being the major industrial zones the Kaohsiung County has a dense population and a rapidly increasing administration workload. Therefore, the Daliao Land Office was established on September 1, 2001 for enhancing administration efficiency and in response to the domestic demand. Some of the Fengshan Land Office staff was transferred to Daliao Land Office. On October 8 the same year, the transferred staff moved in the Daliao Land Office and the Office became in service. Since then, citizens in Daliao and Linyuan may go to the proximal office for their land administration needs and save the weary traveling to Fengshan.
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